Tetania - Tetania - Fantasy

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Tetania - Tetania - Fantasy


By D.S.

When I dream  the light has gone
Something dark with precious mask
Coming fast and giving to me some
My midnighttime Fantasy.

[A girl]
The magical Forest is bright and dark.
The perfect Nymphs calling for me to play
The moonlight and moonshade reflect in my eyes
The Fear of the Dark is not truth, I can say

[A demon]
The Forest is full of Evil
Evil is full of delight
Im your fear, Im your Devil
Im just behind you  you can not hide!

[A girl]
The Demon, the Darkest of Fantasies
The Phantom, the Devil of Real World
I fear you, even in Fantasies
Even when I have a Dominus word

[A Demon]
Your Soul is like a virgin
Virgin is full of Faith
Its not your real fantasy-
Now GO AWAY!!!!

The light has come  the Fantasy has gone
The Demon And A Girl the Evil and Faith
The war is eternal


: Tetania - Tetania - Fantasy
   Tetania - Tetania - Fantasy