DMX - DMX - Crime Story

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DMX - DMX - Crime Story

Man, uh 
Shit stay happen 
Ya know 
Its crazy dog 
Its off the hook 
But you know 
Real niggas survive 
No regardless 
Them heartless 

Who is this I see, comin through, its like 3 
On the a.m., Ima rob this nigga 
An when Im done, Ima slay him 
For bein stupid like, comin through after 1 or 2 
And havin a gun that he couldnt get to 
Yeah, that onell do 
Foolish niggas learn the hard way, then I teach em 
Be in the wrong place at the wrong time, then I leach em 
Like Jigga said, niggas test you 
When your gun goes warm 
So I keep em scattering 
Like roaches, when the light turns off 
From night to dawn 
Right from wrong 
Hope no way 
3-57 slugs with a snub nose, dray eight 
Settin all you bitches straight (what) 
Squashin all beefs 
To the point where the police 
Be blockin all streets 
Got me trapped up in the building 
But you know how that go 
I stay fucking with the hood rats 
And I run up in the rab hole 
Run through the hallway 
See police, face to face 
And bein Im tellin you this story 
Means I caught another case 

Its either you or me 
And more than likely, its gonna be you, than me 
Aiight? Feel me O 

Day 2 of the saga 
This fuckin drama continues 
Wakin up like every 2 hours, lookin out my window 
Plus I keep the 4-4 pointed at the door 
Just in case, when they bust in, I bust them 
And Im gunnin for the face 
"What a waste of potential" is what my teachers used to tell me 
"You can always get a job" and cheap shit they tried to sell me 
Got me no where but broke and fucked up in the game 
But now I got a name, and niggas know my name 
Knock of the door "police, we lookin for a man 
Killed a couple of cops last night and the reward is ten grand" 
I play like a bitch "Its just me here, and Im not dressed 
And that guy sounds kinda dangerous, I hope you make an arrest" 
That was a close one, now I know I gotta get outta the city 
Cuz I know Im hotter than lave, Im holla the mouth 
Got my dog on the horn, he like 
"Fuck, you done did it 
They a ran up in my crib, nigga, pattin down my kid" [dial tone]

Put the harness on the dog, load up the weapons 
Murders on my mind, no half steppin 
Motherfuckers want war, you can get it, 
Cuz Im tired of runnin, remember me as the nigga that died gunnin 
Kamakaze mission, C-4 strapped to the chest 
Run up in that joint, raw dog, fuck the vest 
They can keep theirs, cuz it wont be the slugs thatll kill em 
Itll be the raw of the C-4 as Im bringin down the building 
When I go, taking a bunch of the motherfuckers with me 
I aint sittin around 
waiting for them faggot niggas to come and get me 
I bring it to em, service with a smile 
What nigga? Didnt know a dog with rabies was up in the cut, nigga? 
Now that you finally findin out what this shit means 
Im at the precinct, 116th 
Run up in there 
Open up my jacket "You muthafuckers lookin for me?" 
Well here I am "Now you comin with me" 

Man, that shit is crazy baby 
Can you dig it, can you dig it, can you feel it, is you wit it 
Its off the hook yall


: DMX - DMX - Crime Story
   DMX - DMX - Crime Story