Bathory - Bathory - Label On The Wind

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Bathory - Bathory - Label On The Wind

I have drunk my head all weary
Ive been wild in search for fun
A lot of dates and names and places
Great deal of women I have known

But as I sit here and remember all the things that Ive been through
It appears to me quite clear now how one thing always remained true
I have a gift that have make me wonders to write and sing a song
It pulled me through a lot of hard times and probably will do so for quite long

Two continents Ive travelled
Ive made a million friends
Ive talked to press, tv and radio
Ive been exhausted, joyed and bored beyond sense

I have recorded things Ive written great deal of albums I did sell
Ive done what many only dream of
Its been sheer heaven mixed with just a little hell
Ive seen my face on the covers of the magazines

We go through many different stages in our life though short it is
We take on symbols sounds and faces but in the end youre all there is

This is me playing and me singing its for you all to either love or hate
Behind this leather and my dark shades theres a heart thats far from a fake

Before you critisize please understand
And value only what youve got at hand
Dont bring your prejudice of what is me
You see you can not put a label on the wind


: Bathory - Bathory - Label On The Wind
   Bathory - Bathory - Label On The Wind