Busta Rhymes - Busta Rhymes - A Trip Out of Town

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Busta Rhymes - Busta Rhymes - A Trip Out of Town

[Busta Rhymes] 
yo, it all began like, bust it 
My nigga City bout to bounce on a trip 
We met some niggas with alot of things they want em to flip 
I told my nigga get the dough and keep the blau on your hip 
Travel safe, you know that Ima hold it down on the strip 
Good lookin, word to mother son I give you my wit 
But when I get back, Ima bounce straight to your crib 
On the strength, son slid until you to the Greyhound 
Wit a burner in the knapsack, headed straight outta town 
Now, three days pass Im still on the strip 
Doin hand to hand with twelve collapsible, stashable clips 
With little magnets on the side of the clips we planted like a project 
When police come we stick the clips in any metal object 
Throwin a nigga on the walls and try to search me down 
I laugh knowin that my stashll never be found 
Well anyway, on the third day, son came straight to the strip 
Wit a new floss and shiny shoes on the whip 
My nigga hit me with the latest, greatest 
He told me get inside the whip so I can know just what the up to date is 
He said he fuckin wit some Guyanese niggas how ill them niggas is 
What kind of dough they get, and how they handle they biz 
How they connect with Jamaician niggas who speak American 
And how they chains swung a medallion iced out pelicans 
And how they stay wit four pounders 
And speak American to try to blend in 
Like they aint obvious out of towners 
Okay, Ive never heard of workers gettin five Gs pay 
For trips that last for only 2-3 day 
How these Guyanese niggas be eatin pasta but they love zucchini 
Rockin valor tennis suits by Sergio Tecchini 
Them type of cats that call you because you cant call em 
Rockin baseball fitters with wild animal skins on em 
How they rock silks and tailor made pants 
And get a matching bally shoe for the silk to step in the dance 
Washrags hangin from every one of our back pockets 
>From every fine wine to champagne them niggasll straight cop it 
And set up shops in them neighborhoods that was residential 
Rock laced whips while the workersll floss the latest rentals 
How they fuck with arrogant bitches who act pussy 
And love to hustle wit niggas and stash coke up in they pussy 
After all of that I wanted ones 
The way my nigga was talkin so next trip I went to bounce with son 
So now we out of town with Guyanese cats 
Up in they gates bubbling packages and layin wit gats 
Shit was slow until the main fiend was offed 
Just like a thief in the night 
And spread the word that we was back with the white 

"Ayo why dont you tell that crackhead to close the fuckin door 
and shut the fuck up" 
"Yeah man and clean the motherfucking spot up, smell like..." 
"Break the fuckin breakdown in the working city... yo go get the plates 
and the gym star" 
"Yo light that up, lemme hit that, gimme a light, yeah man cut that" 
"Fuck this shit" 

[Busta Rhymes] 
Yeah, see how we blowin pa 
The lookout niggas holdin fort like they was watchtowers 
Buggin on how we went through, a half a brick every couple of hours 
So on and so on, shit is good and we eatin 
First nigga to short a package will catch the most brutal beatin 
The whole town, see we now own it 
Carryin on and blemishing all in the hearts of the best moments 
We stackin cheddar now and shit is all clear 
And we was growin as workin niggas wit aspiring ideas 
We love to floss and the feeling of pushing chrome shit 
But in the grand scheme these niggasll love to have they own shit 
Now these niggas was really ready to swell up 
We decided to separate from them niggas and make our shit develop 
Off in to the wilderness of the wicked Husid 
We set up shops and watched the games begin 
So now we ballin like a motherfucker, money was sick 
Gas on the cheddar and these bitches ridin the dick 
Fuckin everything from the local McDonalds bitches with the biggest ass 
To attorney bitches thatll beat a charge fast 
We used to takin niggas custies and leave they set up on tilt 
And watch em angrily scheme on the shit that we built 
Aint it funny how shit transpire in fact 
Not too long after our ride we took the winners stash, house was at 
Some niggas tried to run a jook with things in they palm 
Not a problem so immediately reach for the john 
Right away the gun BUST! straight lifted a nigga 
How we moved his organs with kickback, shifted a nigga 
Wild shots fire, everybody scatter like rats 
Leavin nothing but gunpowder and a trail of smoke in these gats 
Now we got this faggot nigga blood on our hands 
But fuck it, determined to fulfill the best of these plans 
Shit was hot but we was nowhere near ready to fall 
My son said he shot, but he wasnt bleeding at all 
Word, I started buggin when my nigga said he feel cold 
Then I looked up on the right side of his shirt and found a little hole 
So as we continue to radically blaze the fifth 
Flame the iron, not giving a fuck, yall niggas wanna rip? 
Well we deaded three out of the four niggas who tried to jook 
One nigga slid and think he got off the hook 
Now let me find out one out of them three niggas we bodied 
Was one of them Guyanese niggas who buy drinks up for the party 
He was the nigga to flood the table with champagnes 
Stupid motherfucker tried to front, we had to leak his brain 
Suddenly my nigga fell to the floor 
And said his legs feel like them shits aint got no feelins no more 
More the actin up the more the shit I felt in my gut 
The shit was all over as soon as the director said CUT! 

Thats a wrap, good actin motherfuckers, good actin 
Thats the shit Im talkin about 
Yall ready to watch the playback? 
Fuck around, that shitll be a box office smash motherfuckers


: Busta Rhymes - Busta Rhymes - A Trip Out of Town
   Busta Rhymes - Busta Rhymes - A Trip Out of Town