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Busta Rhymes - Busta Rhymes - Syntax Era

Chorus repeated once: busta rhymes, dinco d & charlie brown

Dinco, dinco, go dinco
Go charlie, charlie go
Charlie. go busta, busta
Go busta. you know we got style

Verse 1:
When it comes to shoutouts
Boogie brown is here dont fear.
The clear just step to it. now I drive.
Come alive from the bottom to the top.
Temptation or confusion makes you wanna stop.
But (I know you, and you know me)
C.b.m.c. given to me by chuck d.
Thats deep as I look at all the videos.
Wack stage shows, wack page flows.
Biters non-rythm writers. (example the sample).
It was an age under and a stage back.
The girlies screaming shes having a cardiac.
Like epileptic seizures no
Amnesia comatose double dose anaesthesia.
Damn. (damn) should I say.
What are you doing! , I dare at your stare so yo
Come do me, its done or rather should I say its on.
The mental instrumental I continue with.
My song yeah weve got jumping jerks with no understandings of
The east coast stomp. fam understand.
Several other brothers watch our videos the vidiots discover.

Verse 2:
(its just another case) wow! (base).
Why is everybody always picking on me.
Now lets see our games played.
Im donkey kong fat freak the notes.
Flip the script run the jewels.
(the leaders of the new school).
Yet I shine when I rhyme (you know, you know)
Always remember the scenario.

Syntax era


Verse 3:
For the harper valley petes sake tea makes.
A great ace in a hole
You cheated gold, only sold to who
Was told now trembling remembering
When I timberland and down listen wait.
Whos that coming around sounding like that sound.
I guess its dinco, milo, busta, and bro! wn.
Four minds of two kinds run one with the sun.
I love my father, mother, my brother, and the sisters
That come from all over the place to trace the base.
Inspector clouseau I wonder is true though.
Oh no, no more security.
Nets straight human casualties
Call for raw regrets in beat societies.
Lessons must speak,
Stand be strong. keep away from weak in the years long.
Life leaders let loose leading leftbacks.
And misguided youth letting leaks lack.
Levels of truth. look ma no hands.
Lend likes lots of love only lasting cause Im asking.
Could we be above average not savage,
But near newly more duty, more than terror.
Peace to my girl.
"whoops syntax era!


Verse 3: busta rhymes
Copy cat do this, do that.
Wanna do something ? 
Do this.
Chicky chaka chubaka.
Gitty getty gothca.
Ah man, all of a sudden people say I be buggin
Rugged culture musikal hip-hop! I be lovin
Gimme, gimme, gimme something.
Gimme something for nothing.
Rich blood sucker of the poor I see you.
Hickory, dickory.
Hay watch out for the trickery.
What happened to creativity, dignity, integrity.
Hey mr. sneaky-one dont try to read my mind.
Just worry about getting yours, because Im getting mines.
Leaders made a commitment to keep this type of music.
Livin forever.
Whatever, whatever.
We live in an era where errors arent made to
Remain an error, but I think thats kinda better.
Understand that word and how you use it.
Rap is business music, hip-hop is cultural music.
Now you get to see the one sun getting super dumb.
Dance around because you know that we doin it for fun.
Flippin and trippin.
You little sorry sucker you slippin
Lay over my lap bacause Im gonna
Give you a whippen.
Trippin, dippin and winin
Stop the damn crying.
I dont know what you tryi! n
You better stop lyin.
With correct intellect, wetter, bigger and better.
As I come straight.
Check my syntax era.

Word to god, 1993, shit is solid.

2nd chorus repeated three times:

We are the l. (what!)
We are the o. (what!)
We are the n. (what!)
We are the s. (what!)

Chorus repeated three times


: Busta Rhymes - Busta Rhymes - Syntax Era
   Busta Rhymes - Busta Rhymes - Syntax Era