Shakira - Shakira - Rules

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Shakira - Shakira - Rules

You have to swear 
Youve got love to love me 
That will last forever 
We must have a story 
With a happy ending 
?I swear to never go away? 
And never put aside 
The things Im gonna say 
Cuz these are rules for us 


Use your eyes only to look at me 
Use your mouth only to kiss my lips 
We are branches of the same old tree 
You can laugh only if you laugh at me 
You can cry only if you cry for me 
Dont forget that youre condemned to me 
Cant you see 
You always were 
Youll always be 

You used to say 
I should see a doctor 
Who would keep me busy 
Cuz a jealous woman 
Never makes it easy 
And you know Ill defrost 
Whatever seems right 
But it may take a while 
Before I change the rules 

Chorus (2X)


: Shakira - Shakira - Rules
   Shakira - Shakira - Rules