Red - Red - Forever

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Red - Red - Forever

I try to run, I try to hide
From a voice that couldnt satisfy.
That was me, always needing more
And letting go of all I had before.
Cause it feels like the end,
A wound that I cant mend,
I just cant fight any longer.

You waited til I sobered
You came when You knew that the game was over
I didnt even want to be found

But You chased me down and broke in,
Just when I was done believing
Spun me round so close now,
I can feel You breathing
Sunlight burns inside and
I feel so alive and
Help me now, tell me how
How can this last forever?

I ignored the signs,
Opened every door,
But I couldnt find what I searched for.
I try to fight, but I turn and run,
Every move I make is the wrong one.
You patiently wait for my next mistake,
I know it wont be much longer


You gave me so much more,
Than I could ever ask for.
But I turned and followed
I road that left me hollow.
And You still waited for me to come back home,
You brought me home...



: Red - Red - Forever
   Red - Red - Forever