Inexist - Inexist - The Exit

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Inexist - Inexist - The Exit

Now or never... new exit!

Standing before the face of death
Cannot admit
That (more then everything else)
You afraid of it

And later what ever you think and tell,
This moment you (almostly)
Possessed by (instincts) and fear

So pity, that only few people are intractable
To they destiny and gods will
However "Reaper" always find people
All lives are cutting by scythe

With whom it isnt happened to stay beyond the choice
Wherell play egoism, cowardice, pity or love,
Honour and dignity, pride and vanity
Choice in your hands: would the blood shed?

How much pure lies, excuses and exaggerations
I heared last time... and why?
But, I belived you near enough

Try to find deserving exit
You must decide what can you proclaim

Today Ive said it all to you
All that I wished
Im gonna do!

(That was an exit of my thoughts and (considerations)
I hope that something from It all
Will puzzle you, (at least, for a minute))


: Inexist - Inexist - The Exit
   Inexist - Inexist - The Exit